Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dreams origin of religion?

"This notion is so widely shared by traditions all across the globe that some scholars have gone so far as to argue that religion itself actually originated in dream experience," Kelly Bulkeley, past president of the Association for the Study of Dreams, wrote in his book "Transforming Dreams: Learning Spiritual Lessons From the Dreams You Never Forget" (2000)

International Herald Tribune, July 4, 2007
The actual article is just generally about dreaming so unfortunately there wasn't much on the subject but I have been thinking about the connections between religion and dreams myself lately. It is well known that religious people interpret dreams in special ways, but let's say you are a stoneage man. How do you deal with dreams?
I think mankind never really had a chance to avoid becoming religious. Dreams are strange, and they certainly take us into a different world that will seem to resemble a metaphysical world. And naturally, sometimes dreams seem to try to tell us something. (what they tell us is usually what we think, because dreams is the brain's way of sorting the our thoughts.) Anyway, by the time we understood how dreams originated, religions had been established all over the globe and had long since made themselves independent of dreams.

I think it would be worth shedding some light on this subject.

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