Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Netherlands: Why not call God Allah?

"The Bishop of Breda, Tiny Muskens, thinks "Allah" is a beautiful word for God and suggests it from now on. He is aware that using the name "Allah" would be very emotional and therefore he says it must be thought about, prepared and weighed in advance.
However, he is convinced it will happen, whether it be over a century or two. Muskens had worked in Indonesia for eight years and had prayed there to Allah, saying he had called God "Allah" during mass.

Trouw (Dutch) 13-08-2007

Why not call him Nobody?
It is appalling to see how some people are bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims. Dutch people and even many Muslims themselves are becoming estranged. Say, when they learn that as Moroccans, they are told to give their children names that are approved by Moroccan Authorities.
A good blog to keep up with the stories about Islam in West and Northern Europe is The blogger often translates important texts from European Newspapers into English, so it's very useful (albeit depressing reading at times).

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