Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Secular Fundamentalists: There is no such thing...

"One of the methods used by the religious to marginalize atheists and our increasing visibility is to accuse us of becoming that which we originally opposed, or in other words, just like them. It's even better if they have the convenience of one experience with these so-called "secular fundamentalists" from which they can draw unfounded conclusions as to the validity of this argument and, ultimately, the character of all those who have no belief in gods, goddesses, or other mythical creatures.
This is the route taken by Michael Brendan Dougherty in the November issue of The American Conservative. His article, entitled "Secular Fundamentalists: Can atheists form a movement around shared disbelief", uses this year's Atheist Alliance International convention as fodder for his clumsy attempt to represent atheism as a new phenomenon comprised of the dogmatically anti-religious."

Kelly O'Connor, Rational Response Squad, 2007-11-15
She goes on to dissect the guy completely. It's a textbook example of antisecular propaganda and slander, and she deals with him pretty nicely! Or maybe not so nice.

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