Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poll: Why Americans Attend, Skip Church

"More than half of Americans attend church at least once a month. As churches prepare to celebrate Easter on Sunday, one of the two times a year that pews are filled to capacity in many churches, a Gallup poll asked attendants just why they attend or do not attend church.


The poll split Catholics and non-Catholic Protestants – the largest two groups of churchgoers – and found that while Protestants mainly go to church for spiritual growth and guidance, Catholics are more likely to say they attend because it keeps the grounded/inspired. Catholics are also more likely to say they attend because it's their faith. For Protestants, fellowship of other members and the community plays a big part in drawing attendants regularly with 17 percent saying they attend because of fellowship. Only 3 percent of Catholics, however, go to church because of fellowship."

Christian Post, Sat, Apr. 07 2007

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