Saturday, January 26, 2008

Born Again Relativism

"To illustrate, only 9 percent of those self-identifying as "born-again Christians" even hold a biblical worldview, according to respected Christian pollster George Barna, whose organization has been tracking believers for over two decades. Almost half of "born-agains" – 45 percent – teach their children there are no absolute values.
"You might expect that parents who are born-again Christians would take a different approach to raising their children than did parents who have not committed their life to Christ, but that was rarely the case," Barna said.
In fact, reported the pollster: "For years we have reported research findings showing that born-again adults think and behave very much like everyone else. It often seems that their faith makes very little difference in their life.", January 18, 2008


Anonymous said...

Samuel Skinner
Why the heck do religious people embrace relativism? It is like a humanist embracing nihilism.

Anonymous said...

So the born again are just as prone to being hypocrites as anyone else then? Well there's a surprise!