Sunday, April 6, 2008

Anglo-Saxon attitudes

The March 29th issue of The Economist had some interesting charts showing how Britons and Americans differ on several issues:

It's not surprising how many believes in God and Hell and attitudes to Atheist presidents, but I thought it was interesting to see the differences on Creationism and Intelligent Design in USA. That 20 per cent of Americans believe in Intelligent Design while 40 per cent of them believe in "The Bible" is in a sense good news, because it just shows that the problem is a lack of basic education. Intelligent Design is in many ways more insidious, while the bible version is much more primitive. I think good education stand a better chance with Creationism than with Intelligent Design, because ID is stupidity on a much more abstract level disguising itself as science. You also see that in Britain, there's slightly more people who believe in ID than Creationism.

As for values, the only place they seem to concur is about death penalty.

This chart is a bit difficult to read, but I think it's a summary of how they responded in the other charts after party lines. Notice how even English Conservatives are much more liberal with regards to religion and values than American democrats.


Jack said...

By asking if evolution was responsible for the origin of the Earth, the pollsters invalidated their own poll. Perhaps they were economists and not cosmologists. The correct answer to that question is "none of the above". I wonder if anyone answered with that?

Unknown said...

Yeah, that was a silly mistake. I wouldn't say it invalidated the poll though, because I hardly think that any evolutionist would answer "the bible" or "Intelligent Design". Can't be sure of course, but I think the fronts are quite clear.

Unknown said...

Well maybe Atheism is a Anglo-Saxon disease(people of clinical cold hearted Germanic descent)...
Cannot the Atheist folks who are lost in their own heads and swim in the waters of delusion not turn into the cutting edge world of Quantum physics? Quantum Physics is backing up what mystics in India and Native Indian and Aboriginal peoples have known by "direct experience" for eons..(Not theories that are constantly prooved and disproved)

Atheists should take a pill to get over their blind arrogance and disconnection from their Higher Self that they do not even know exists...

The body and the human mind are but mere masks of what animates all life..

How sad to be deluded into the world of science and hyper capitalist materialism..

Do the atheists not realise that what is created (physical form) comes and is not permanent and what is not permanent is not real..

what you can measure with all your fancy technological gadgets is not real and keeps the athiests lost in their REPRESSED PAIN AND ENDLESS DENIAL OF THE REALITY OF ONENESS OF BEING..



Unknown said...

Lol, I just used the headline from the original article.