Friday, September 28, 2007

Atheism: teaching a taboo

"McCormick is teaching the first atheism class ever offered at Sacramento State. And the topic, he said, makes some uncomfortable, even hateful.
"Some recent polls show that atheists are the most reviled people in American society, even more than homosexuals and minority groups… That all suggests that we've got some irrational and dangerous commitments surrounding the topic of God," McCormick said.


He took the initiative to write the proposal for his new atheism class, even though he says he did get "a few raised eyebrows" along the way. Philosophy Chair Thomas Pyne, a colleague and a church-goer, said "I was for it (the class)'s certainly a live issue right now."

The State Hornet, 9/19/07
He also has his own blog here: Atheism: Proving The Negative

In a sense I would say that all scientific roads lead to Atheism by undermining traditional religious views and constantly offering a materialistic view, but I think that a course like this can be good to stop the demonizing that exists some places.

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