Thursday, September 6, 2007

The OUT campaign

As observant readers will notice, I've slapped that A of The OUT Campaign on the blog.
Being a typical Atheist cat (one that can't be herded) I don't feel so strong about neither the A nor the actual campaign itself in its current shape, but I am feeling strongly about spreading the message of Atheism. And I therefore reckon that the more A's that are around, the better.
Richard Dawkins & co have made a tremendous effort in pushing Atheism. Dawkins could probably have chosen to be just an uncontroversial professor in a dusty office with lots of books on biology, writing the occasional piece on the problems of Creationism. Instead, he has taken on the world religions with full force!
In appreciation of this effort, and in the interest of mankind, I urge all blogs to say:

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