Monday, September 17, 2007

Is Prince Harry an atheist?

"One of the more startling revelations at last week’s tenth anniversary memorial service for Princess Diana was that her second son, Prince Harry, had declined to give a religious reading, as his elder brother had done, and elected instead to make a personal eulogy.
What can we discern from this? That Harry simply wanted to say something about the person who was supposedly at the heart of this event — his mother — or that, like so many other people in Britain, he feels indifferent or even antipathetic towards the church and religion? Could it be that, (please don’t listen granny Betty), Prince Harry doesn’t regard Jesus as a personal friend?
What kind of constitutional crisis would be precipitated if a self-confessed atheist ascended the throne? It isn’t impossible – Harry is only third in line. Could a non-believer be the head of the Church of England? (What do you mean, he wouldn’t be the first?) I think we should be told."

National Secular Society, 7. September 2007
Slightly better news than our own Princess who talks to angels through horses!

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