Thursday, December 13, 2007

A depressing snapshot on society

"CYPRIOTS have little tolerance for foreigners, homosexuals and unmarried parents compared to their European counterparts, according to a new study.
Neither do they care much for exercise or reading newspapers, but they are the most religious and optimistic people in the EU, said the survey carried out by the European University in Nicosia, and published by Phileleftheros at the weekend.


When asked if Cypriot society was xenophobic, the results put Cypriots in last place among Europeans saying that immigrants contribute positively to both the economic and cultural development of their society.
Less than 40 per cent agreed with the sentiment.
"This particularly is extremely worrying if one takes into account the number of Cypriots who lived as immigrants in other countries," the report said.


"Evidently, Cypriots do not have confidence or trust in most other people and rarely think that others have good intentions."
This may appear contradictory, given that Cypriots, according to the poll, are the most religious people in Europe. Around 70 per cent say they are religious, but only 30 per cent go to church once a week, while over 40 per cent say they pray.
"While on the one hand, Cypriots appear to be the population with the closest relationship to religion, on the other hand they do not appear to practice such things as tolerance, acceptance and love for their neighbour," said the report."
Cyprus Mail, November 13. 2007
So much for the beneficial effects of religion!

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