Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'll be back with Jesus!

One of my first posts, in April was this one:

"One in four Americans anticipates the second coming of Christ in 2007. This is one several predictions made by Americans in a recent poll for the new year.

A poll by Ipsos, an international polling firm, found that 11 percent of respondents said it is "very likely" that Jesus will return to Earth this year and 14 percent said it was "somewhat likely.""

Christian Post, Jan. 03 2007

It's December 29. 2007 now, so Jesus will be back on Monday, latest. I will return on Friday (if Jesus is not back of course).

Let's see who comes first!


bbk said...

I don't get it...

Are you giving Jesus a head start?

Unknown said...

Hehe, yes, it might look like it.
I simply couldn't find anything interesting to post. (Although I have posted at Dagens Ateist and Nutwatch)