Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unoffocial Ibn Warraq site

"Ibn Warraq has no website
That is why I decided to group everything that Ibn Warraq has ever written together. Given his status as the most intelligent critic of Islam in the world, I can certainly understand why he stays anonymous. He has been a bit more visible in public in recent times. He is always extremely thorough on everything. I do not want his works to be ignored, so I collated all his online works here."

The Unofficial Ibn Warraq Site
Go have a look!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there my Athiest friend,

Take a minute to peruse


and you'll see why Bono is saying "Forget Africa, donate your money to JFC"

and why Christians are saying "You evil, sadistic bastards, you can't make
fun of our lord in such a blatant and highly realistic fashion!"