Sunday, April 29, 2007

[Study] Knowledge of any sort is damaging to fundamentalism

Bob Altemeyer is a researcher from the University of Manitoba, and he’s done a lot of work studying right wing authoritarians.


"Christian fundamentalism has three great enemies in the struggle to retain its children, judging by the stories its apostates tell: weaknesses in its own teachings, science, and hypocrisy."


"For the first problem: when the Bible is actually read, the actual text causes problems for the discerning reader. “The Bible was, they said, too often inconsistent, petty, boring, appalling, self-serving, or unbelievable.” Altemeyer found that although many fundamentalist Christians profess allegiance to an inerrant Bible, very few have actually read it completely for themselves and some who do find the inconsistencies too great." April 16th, 2007

This is good news for Atheist bible thumpers! Thump 'em hard! (Notice the PDF)

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