Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Reading habits in Malta

Just another poll showing more religious interest among women:
A poll on what people in Malta read showed that 6.7% females read religious books, while only 2.4% males did the same.

Times of Malta May 27, 2007


Andre said...

I would have thought more people read religious material... still there's no harm in reading religious stuff... the harm is done when you actually start believing it!

Unknown said...

True, I naturally read a lot of religious books myself. But what's interesting to me is the gender difference: In a lot of surveys, women come out as more religious than men. Why is that?

So while I actually think this is a trivial post, it still says something about the gender difference.

Andre said...

Women are by nature more "spiritual" and I suppose one way of expressing that spirituality is through religion.

I might be generalising here but that's my opinion.

Unknown said...

I think perhaps it stems from the suppression of women in an under evolved Maltese society in which women have only recently been allowed to crawl tentatively out of their kitchens towards classrooms and bookstores