Friday, May 11, 2007

Five African stories

It is interesting to keep an eye on religion in Africa. On the bright side, you have bishops speaking out against Mugabe and there are churches fighting for change. On the truly dark side, you see superstition, anti-condom attitudes, greed, religious fighting etc.

"Gambia: The Commercialisation of Religion
We are once again in the Gamo (Ziyara) season in The Gambia where everyday, on radio and television, as well as in other media outlets, we hear or read announcements of Gamos being organised all over the country, virtually on a daily basis, and they all invite President Jammeh and anyone else the organisers think would donate some money as special guests of honour.


As a result of this proliferation of Gamos, there has now emerged a clique of Talibes and pseudo-Islamic scholars going about looking for such events where they can be hired as preachers or singers, no doubt to make as much money as possible." 10 May 2007

"Uganda: Orombi Decries Homosexuality
THE head of the Church of Uganda, the Rt. Rev. Henry Luke Orombi, has warned Christians against practising lesbianism and homosexuality lest they attract God's wrath.


He said it was a shame that lesbians and homosexuals in Uganda had become bold enough to demand constitutional rights.
He added that just like the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were razed to ashes, God would not let this sin go unpunished. He also expressed concern over the growing sexual immorality among married couples.


He said it was the Christians' duty to cater for the welfare of church leaders. "God will not rain manna from heaven again. It is right there with you. God's messengers have families, they need to pay school fees and we need to dress decently because we are marketers of the Lord Jesus Christ.", 9 May 2007

"Uganda: Clergy Advised Against Discouraging Wealth
THE clergy have been warned against sticking onto doctrines that discourage people from investing on earth because their rewards are in heaven.

The retired bishop of Rwenzori Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Eustace Kamanyire, said: "Telling people not to mind about material welfare, that their reward is in heaven is misleading." 8 May 2007

"Malawi: Dilemma - Government, Faith Community - Daggers Drawn on Sex Education and Condom Use
Despite overwhelming evidence in favour of it, the faith community still regard the practice of using condoms as protection against HIV/AIDS as a taboo and have said the condoms have pinprick size holes that let the virus through.", 7 May 2007

"Sudan: Yambio Diocese to Build New Cathedral
The Catholic Diocese of Yambio in Western Equitoria State is to build a Cathedral at a cost of half-a-million US dollars.


Speaking at the same function, Fr. Dr. Peter Moidie disclosed that the construction of the cathedral will cost 500,000 USD and that the Holy See had donated 200,000 USD. The rest will be raised locally.", May 4, 2007

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