Friday, May 25, 2007

[Stats] The essentials of belief

86 percent believe in God or a supreme being;
75 percent believe in life after death;
86 percent believe in heaven;
77 percent believe in hell;
69 percent believe in a God described as the "all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect Creator of the universe who rules the world today";
Almost nine out of 10 people (87 percent) say the universe was originally created by God;
Only 9 percent of Americans profess no religion at all;
More then 80 percent – including 71 percent of college graduates – believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God;
34 percent believe the Bible is the actual word of God to be taken literally, word for word;
And most Americans still to this day say they are Christians, with numbers ranging from 77 percent to 86 percent.", May 19, 2007

Some unsourced numbers from this hardline Christian site, but interesting nevertheless.

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