Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dutch would accept black, homosexual, atheist or female, prime minister

"The Dutch would accept a black person or a homosexual as prime minister but a Muslim prime minister would be unacceptable, Dutch media reported Wednesday.
Nearly all participants (93 percent) said they wouldn't have a problem if the Netherlands were to be governed by a woman prime minister, according to a survey of 21,000 Dutch people conducted by TV program Een Vandaag and daily newspaper De Pers which was published Tuesday.
Three in four find a prime minister with a black skin acceptable. The score was also high for an atheist (87 percent) or a homosexual (78 percent).
There appeared to be less tolerance for people of other religions, the survey showed. Only half of respondents would accept a Jewish prime minister, and only 27 percent would be happy with a Muslim one.
Three in four Dutch citizens would object to a head of government who has used cocaine or heroin. Some 66 percent would not like a prime minister who visits or have visited prostitutes.
There is very meager support for a prime minister aged over 70: only 19 percent is not opposed, the survey showed., 2008-02-06

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Anonymous said...

Samuel Skinner
I sympathize with the Dutches distaste for Muslims- there have been "incidents" that have clued the Dutch to the idea that the Muslims want to take over the country and impose Shira law.

The closest parrallel in the United States would be a cross between black nationalist, hispanic nationalist and dominionists- a scary combination.