Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World Atheism

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dada said...

I could not find a more suitable way to notify you on this matter but undoubtebtly this will work too.

I am Finnish and strangest thing has occurred in Finland over the past week. The Finnish Broadcasting Company Channel 2 aired this panel discussion under the tag of "Homo-ilta", literally "Gay Night" on tuesday 12th, October. It featured influential personaes discussing gay rights and equal right to marriage(Finnish legislature has two way system, registration of spouses for same sex couples and traditional marriage for heterosexual couples, differences are in right for same surname and adoption)

Anyway, there were several MP's, influential members of the church, including 2 bishops and also gay rights activists etc. The panel was relatively civil but the show caused an uproar in public, with tens of thousands leaving the "official" Lutheran Church of Finland, the exact number is around 35 000 after a week and a half, that being almost 1 % of the total members of the church and the number is literally tenfold compared to the normal situation.

http://eroakirkosta.fi/ will provide information about the numbers involved, with nice statistics.

Also the show is available online at http://areena.yle.fi/video/1354542 but it is in finnish with no subtitles.