Monday, June 18, 2007

A Passion for Humanism

"Humanism will never make any progress with the American masses until it learns to combine reason and logic with emotion. Most people are moved by emotion. Note the effect of Black gospel music, rap, and rock and roll. Especially note the success of fundamentalist preachers. They have a language, a cadence, a system that rouses people's emotions through a pseudo-logic and it sinks in.", (Letters to the Editor) June 6, 2007
Probably true. I say this as a Black Metaller who knows the power of music. (Ooh, note the date above) Maybe not so much in creating someone's opinion, but fuelling it. Black Metal is of course Anti-Christian escapism, and not suitable for a positive message... but it works. Punk/hardcore also has a clear effect.
So if someone tried to use happier music for a more humanistic, positive message, I'm sure it would work. Now, let's just learn to play!

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vjack said...

I don't think the author of that letter understands humanism very well. To say that it excludes emotion is simply inaccurate.