Tuesday, June 12, 2007

'Messianism' and the Extreme Lengths People Go Through for Their Beliefs

"Originally written as a scholarly work of religious and psychiatric import, The Messianic Imperative: Scourge or Savior was transformed into a thought-provoking chronicle on messianism to the task of survival of our civilization following the devastating 9/11 tragedy. The core motivations of widely disparate people -- Islamic terrorists, Israeli settlers, and American fundamentalists -- are, in their purest form, "messianic" in nature. These people are positioned to move the world towards a disaster long depicted in apocalyptic terms on the Plains of Abraham, but now also present in our midst.


In this startling work, the author contends that the key to reaching such imbued people, so alienated from the rest of us, is through utilization of the little we know of reaching alienated individuals and groups. That knowledge has been chiefly developed in asylums by the original alienists, psychiatrists, also the social and political sciences and the pastoral discipline."

Redorbit.com, 5 June 2007

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