Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Council of Europe resolutions

"Assembly backs separation of church and state, reaffirms precedence of human rights over religious principles
Human rights must ultimately take precedence over religious principles where they conflict, PACE said today in a recommendation, following a special debate on intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. States should welcome and respect religions, in all their plurality, "as a form of ethical, moral, ideological and spiritual expression" by citizens, and should protect individuals' freedom to worship, but there should also be a clear separation of church and state, the parliamentarians said.
Recommendation 1804"

Council of Europe 29/06/2007

PACE: criticism of religions is permissible, inciting hatred against them is not
Religious groups must tolerate criticism and debate about their activities, provided it does not amount to gratuitious insult, but on the other hand hate speech – inciting discrimination or violence against people of a particular religion – should be penalised, PACE said today in a recommendation. Meanwhile blasphemy laws – which often result from the dominant position of one particular religion – should be reviewed.
Recommendation 1805"

Council of Europe 29/06/2007

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